Sunday, 26 July 2009

BrokenTV: 1, The Man: Nil (Agg score, BrokenTV: 1, The Man: 3,456)

Way back in 2006 we posted a few YouYube videos of Public Information Films starring the legendary Richard Massingham. All has been well since, with thousands of interested viewers dipping into the comedic genius-pool of Mr Massingham. They were so popular in fact, that even the blog of mighty New York radio station WFMU linked to a couple of them. A few months ago, we received this email from YouTube:


Now, given the clips are more than fifty years old and as such have since passed into the public domain, this is clearly nonsense. We can only assume that, as part of the Coughs & Sneezes film was used in Victor Lewis-Smith’s Channel Four show TV Offal*, it was flagged up by some complicated digital fingerprinting doohickery.

(*Speaking of TV Offal, strange to think now that it was a Friday night comedy show on Channel Four. Little chance that sort of thing could happen now. Unless Zeppotron decide they want to do it, anyway. And yes, we realise that lots of actual clips from TV Offal still being on YouTube might destroy our theory.)

Anyway, we’ve whinged at YouTube about this, and in a MASSIVE U-TURN they’ve relented. The clip is back up. So here it is again:

And, now we've mentioned it, a clip of TV Offal:


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