Thursday, 30 July 2009

We Are Klang (BBC 3) : An Extensive Review

Well, it had some nice ideas. Plus, it mentioned (a) The Goodies, and (b) the fact one of the cast looks a bit like a fat Rik Mayall. But! We didn’t actually laugh once, and the musical number came over like Flight Of The Conchords without the production values. Pity, we were looking forward to it.


Not that we’re a blog that dismisses an entire show based on the first episode. We’ll give it another go next week, if only because it’s nice to see a BBC Three comedy show making references to things from before 2003. That’s about as close to ‘off-message’ as a full series on that channel is likely to get*.

(*Discounting Family Guy.)

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Anonymous said...

Well I thought it was brilliant! Slap stick at its best; unpredictable, surreal, and it made me laugh out loud. Its stupidity was refreshingly honest and thats what I loved about it.

scissorkicks said...

Mainly poor, but like you will keep watching. Favourite part was the seemingly semi-improvised racial profiling of audience members (and "fat Rik Mayall"'s near-corpsing), although the "jew" song was tiresome.

Shameful lift of a gag from Johnny Dangerously (the blind guy being struck on the head, not being blind, struck on the head again, blind again gag - although maybe that's as old as the hills). Marek's "spaz" act could get quite annoying, I imagine.

Mark X said...

If there's one thing that'll really annoy me in a TV series, it's "Character X does a 'comedy idiot voice' at ALL TIMES".

I missed the Johnny Dangerously lift, but I did feel the otherwise laudable ("Elephant in the room? You mean how this is a quite a lot like The Goodies?") joke would have been better served referring to The Mighty Boosh. Possibly that was a bit too close to home.

Anonymous said...

wow, just watched this show on iplayer. loved it. `People who comw out of nowhere, often get hit by cars`. thought the `live show` mix was genuinely hilarious. sorry, guys, its not the same gag as johny dangerously, he wasn`t knocked off the wall by piss! watch this one folks, its great.

Anonymous said...

I have loved every moment of this show. Anyone who takes life "a bit too seriously" should probably look elsewhere for a laugh. I've had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Very sad that last show is about to be aired. Really hoping they want to do some more and that they get the chance.

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