Sunday, 19 July 2009

How To Be Afraid Of Everything

Not content with putting up as many as several updates a month (some of them not lazily-linked YouTube videos) to BrokenTV, we’ve started a new blog. How To Be Afraid Of Everything. Dot Com. A cheery glance at how modern events, objects and practices are all transpiring to destroy the comfortable world of crosswords, tea and cakes that we’re all perfectly happy with. We’ll be features editor of the Daily Express before you know it.


Now, just because we’re splitting up into two blogs doesn’t mean we love you any less. In fact, due to ominously impending events, there are probably going to be more frequent updates than ever in the near future (see, the recession’s not all bad. Unless you’re someone we owe money to, anyway).

So, go there now, and read through each one of the one-and-a-half articles already up there. Whether there’ll be a fresh article on the horrendous faff that is ‘setting up a Wordpress blog on your own domain’, we cannot yet say.


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