Friday, 10 July 2009

Yes, We (s)Can Part II: "The New Richard Digance"

Our trawl through the big plastic tub of 90s ephemera continues with a few choice cuts from the criminally not-quite-popular-enough-to-be-commercially-viable TV magazine The Box.

We've mentioned that magazine before on here, but as the images from that earlier update don't work any more, here they are again. Also, stick around for the greatest pop video about carrots you're likely to experience all week.

First up, it's an early meeting with Bill Bailey. Could he really be the next Richard Digance?

From the same "going to be big soon, just you wait" section, a meeting with Jon Stewart, "the next Jonathan Ross". We really, really want to see Stewart's BBC Two show "Where's Elvis This Week?" again. Come on, the BitTorrent community. You give us Eurovision 1981 when you could be giving us that? C'mooooon.

Next, an interview with imperial phase Jerry Seinfeld, back in the days when it was one of Sky One's big hitters and even BBC Two gave it the occasional run-out before midnight.

Right, time for some music. Courtesy of the ace MonicaBambiKatz, here's a song about the versatility of carrots. Really quite remarkable.

Is it meant to be a Tim & Eric-style joke? Is it on the level? It seems to be part of a longer promotional video for carrots - is the remainder of that online anywhere? The intriguingly named website doesn't actually seem to exist, so we may never show. Bah.

[edit] Ah, that link on the YouTube page for Carrot Highway was wrong. Here's the proper link. It seems pretty damn good, too. Maybe we should just remove the references to it, and then nick all their jokes. Hmm.

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