Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Fox News: Karl Rove Speaks and McCain Concedes

"America has had a black First Family for years. The 1980s had The Cosby Show."

Because that's the same as electing an African-American to the White House for the first time in history.

We know that's not Karl Rove. By the time our mobile phone camera focused, we missed him.

But anyway. McCain concedes. This is really happening!

Even some of the Republican faithful are applauding Obama as McCain makes a genuinely sincere message of congratulation to the Democratic candidate. Fair dues. The two sides of the Republican party, there.

[update] Fox News report that President Bush has called Barack Obama to congratulate him on becoming president. They're also claiming that no Republican supporters at the McCain speech booed the announcement of Obama becoming president. That's certainly not what we heard.

3 .: said...

I'm from myspace and I had to search the blogs to see if anyone else heard that Cosby's comment. OMG Finally over!!!

No drinking but has spent entire night feverishly watching The Shield S7 having just discovered there is one; effect comparable said...

Nope, you're right, they definitely booed. (According to the Wonk, he had to get them to stop.) Interestingly, the Obama crowd cheered politely when he mentioned McCain in his acceptance speech. Top hats possibly doffed, pips pipped.

No drinking but etc etc said...

Blimey. They just ran a quick clip of McC on the Beeb and he had to shush the boos twice in 10 seconds. Maybe Fox were listening to their Zune.

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