Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Over on Fox News

It's like the funeral of an especially beloved family pet. However, a bit of a discrepancy with the projections.

ITV News

McCain 34, Obama 103

BBC News

McCain 34, Obama 103

Meanwhile, on the News International networks:

Sky News

McCain 32, Obama 39

Fox News

Obama 81, McCain 39

All of the networks have stated that they're not using exit polls for the figures, but rather early counts in each state. Make of that what you will.


Obama 1-150
McCain 25-1

5 .:

Paul Gregory said...

CNN and France 24 are also cautious.

Mark X said...

Indeed. Presumably, despite Dimbleby's earlier comment on doing everything properly, the Beeb are happy to predict away based on anything. That's no surprise with ITV, as they're generally happy to report results based on peeking through the window of a polling station at 9.15am, but the BBC are normally tighter.

Mark X said...

Update: McCain now on 69 with Fox, just 49 on BBC, 58 on ITV. Obama on 103 with all of them. I call BBC Pro-Liberal agenda first!

Paul Gregory said...

At this moment (and things have fluctuated), Euronews is bizarrely the least cautious station on 180/109.

Mark X said...

It's all over the place, I've just rounded up the projections.

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