Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Things Are Almost Happening Now

Well, that was a useful time for our internet connection to go down. It did give us an excuse to sneak a couple of hours of kip.

Now we're awake, and it's time for the 'proper' coverage. While Dimbleby (D) is on BBC One proclaiming how a lot of people are claiming they know who is going to win, until results come in no-one actually knows anything, Alistair Stewart is on ITV1 with a graphic saying that Obama has already won. We can see this thanks to the split-screen feature on our Freeview box.

Meanwhile, CNN are trying to break the world record for most pundits on a desk. Somehow, by their watch, McCain is currently winning eight to three. Maybe it's time for the first of our pointless charts.

Live Betting Update: Paddy Power have stopped considering it a contest, with Obama on 1-33 and McCain on 10-1. Once the first few results trickle in, and it becomes clear Obama isn't just John Kerry squared, McCain's odds will lengthen a lot further.


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