Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Well, at least until it all turns out like it did with Tony Blair. But, until then: hurrah.

Barack Obama now predicted to take 51% of the popular vote. We were wrong earlier, Jimmy Carter took 50.1% of the popular vote in 1976, but even JFK only took 49.7%. If it stays around 51% for Obama, this will be huge. Should we put the word 'huge' in bold capitals? Yes: this will be HUGE.

[edit] Ah, 1964 would be the last time the Democrats had a notably past-50% percentage of the popular vote, and that on the back of assassin-o-mania. Let's hope we don't see that again soon. We've a sneaking suspicion President Biden won't be quite as popular.

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Television, there said...

I've just turned on the television, having previously relied entirely on Broken Election's BRILLIANT POSTS. David Dimbleby has announced they have about 15 minutes to fill before the acceptance speech, so Presenter Whose Name Escapes Me has walked along a gantry to do so with graphics. He is utterly incoherent -- "Events. Let's look back at. There were. Events" -- and visibly wobbly in his walk and might just flip over the railings on his elevated set. I am agog.

THEY'RE DROPPING TICKER TAPE. HE DOES NOT REACT AS PAPER FALLS ON HIS HEAD. "There's ticker. Tape. Here in the studio." They've cut away. No off-screen clattering bang. Boo.


Mark X said...

That's one plus point of a virtual studio set. No distracting sound effects when someone stumbles over a virtual wire.

Rest assured, come 2012 this will all be happening via Second Life and things will run even more smoothly. Well, as long as BBC News have a graphics card capable of providing an accurate simulation of Roger Bolton's moustache.

Giant hologram of Robert Carlyle's head with a bullet in it, presenting a children's pop quiz said...

Roger Bolton the presenter of popular radio whingers' programme Howlround, or the ragingly insane US war-starter whose name is disappointingly John?

I think virtual sets should be banned unless Peter Snow is running them. You'd have to use a virtual Peter Snow though because he's a bit frail and lost now. I don't know who the virtual Peter Snow would be run by.

Mark X said...

Of course *John* Bolton. Boh. The most glaring of (many) mistakes made during the night's coverage, just three words before I'd stopped typing and went to bed. Now I feel like the man from the Armando Iannucci short story who spent his entire life in the most average and unremarkable way possible, only for it to be for nothing when he was mauled to death by an escaped tiger.

Rory Bremners, Britain's Shining Emperor of Satires said...

Roger Bolton channels deranged ravings from fragile people who don't understand things which are happening. So the effect is much the same. STILL GOT THE MOXIE.

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