Tuesday, 4 November 2008

LIVE US08 BLOG: Betting and Drinking

When you're staying up until the stupid hours watching coverage of the US Elections, you may well be peeking onto Fox News to see just how they're handling the fact the EVIL SOCIALISTS are very likely to sweep back into power and introduce things like SOCIALISED MEDICINE, HAND OPPRESSIVE POWERS TO ALL THE UNIONS and LET THE GAYS MARRY EACH OTHER. You know, exactly the same as when they didn't even remotely do that after the 1992, 1976, 1960, 1932, 1912, 1892 and 1884 elections. But all that means you'll need to stay up super late. How will you stay awake? Or more importantly, how will you stay awake whilst remaining in a Fox mindset?

What you need is 24: The Energy Drink. WE ARE NOT MAKING THIS UP.

We bought a can of this earlier today. We haven't tried it yet, so expect a full review later on, when we're especially tired and desperate for material. With any luck, we'll be on our feet and torturing people who might just be terrorists in no time.


Obama: 1-16
McCain: 7-1

Don't forget, at this point four years ago John Kerry was very much the bookmakers' favourite after a strong showing in the exit polls. This could go similarly awry. We shall monitor the situation.


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Steve said...

24 - the drink. It's horrible, and the diet version is even worse. The local pound shop is full of this stuff.

Sir Humphrey Barclay-Productions said...

Are they allowed to say "EVERY SECOND COUNTS (TM)" without the prior written permission of Paul Daniels? Or he could be on the back of the can, I suppose, mulching an increasingly despondent The Actor Art Malik's knuckles with pliers.


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