Monday, 1 December 2008

The Advent of Advent

As the thick layers of frost on everyone's car this morning have signified, it's December. And once you've buggered up your credit card by using it to get rid of all that frost, that can only mean one of several things: it's time for BrokenTV's Second Advent Calendar, with at least one update per day until the 24th, and possibly beyond. And some of them might not be lazily linked-to YouTube videos, too.

Now, this doesn't count as today's update (that would be cheating), but we've just thought of an excruciatingly weak satirical comment. We may as well say this now, before Andy Parsons or someone comes out with it on a topically wry Radio Four panel game.

"Now that VAT has been cut to 15%, does this mean pound shops are going to become 97.5p shops?"

Yeah, we know. Terrible. And not even accurate, because of course, prices set by the pound shops will be 85.106p, which rounds up to a full pound when 17.5% VAT is added to it, meaning the mathematically correct comedy price would now be 97.872p, but then using that figure would require this lengthy and tedious explanation as a postscript, which doesn't make for a very good punchline.

We really need to raise our game over the coming month, don't we?

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LF Barfe said...

Come now, the weakness of the joke would be obscured by Andy Parsons' masterful comic delivery. Why, with that voice, he can make anything funny. Well, that's what he fucking thinks, certainly. It might help if his inflections weren't all to cock.

Meanwhile, Frankie Boyle would say that the new price should be 97.5 paedo, It doesn't make sense, but it doesn't matter, because he's edgy.

Mark X said...

If I were at all religious, and if I had any kids, I'm pretty confident I could set them down a perpetual road of righteousness by telling them at an early age that if they're bad, they'll end up going to hell, and will be spending the rest of eternity locked in a small room listening to Andy Parsons reading out user comments from YouTube.

My unborn offspring just don't realise how lucky they are I'm a godless heathen, quite frankly.

Db said...

He is a veritable black hole of comedy when combined with Henry Naylor, oh woe betide anyone caught in that aural nightmare

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