A New Game For Everyone To Play

  • 12/14/2008 04:22:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

On last night's Strictly Come Dancing, this apparently happened:

We didn't see it as we were watching the new Richard Herring DVD, which is ace, but it seems there was a bit of a cockup with the voting, and the show ended ten minutes early, to be filled with trailers. We're genuinely disappointed with not seeing this, as we love it when telly goes wrong (as opposed to when our telly goes wrong). But anyway, the BBC have made a mistake - who is going to pretend they're the most outraged even though this clearly doesn't matter at all? In these situations, there's usually a three-way clamour to 'be' the most offended between the user comment sections of YouTube, The Daily Mail and Digital Spy. We've taken ten quotes from the three - can you use your skill and judgement to work out which quote is from which source?

It's a bit like the final round of Every Second Counts, only there's no teletext TV on offer*, and coding the whole thing so it's a proper interactive quiz is clearly beyond us. There are four quotes from Daily Mail Online, and three from YouTube and Digital Spy.

(*My, how excited we were to discover the 'secret' Ceefax page that had the Every Seconds Counts logo on it, so it could be displayed on the telly the contestants could win. They didn't just plug a BBC Micro into it, they actually put the whole page on proper Ceefax. The Beeb did things properly in those days. In case any of our readers are planning on time-travelling back to 1988 to see what we mean here, it was on page 196.)

The quotes:

"WHAT A JOKE! I pay my license fee for this fix?! I feel cheated!"

"The BBC have ripped off everyone who voted and spent their money."

"once again the BBC have hoodwinked their viewers."

"It's a complete swizz and we the public are being played for fools by the BBC."

"They should have showed the test card."

"Terrible from BBC, why still allow the judges to vote at such a late and important stage."

"It just scuppers my confidence in the BBC when they go and do something like this."

"Get rid of the licence fee its a con !"

"What a con! I can't believe the BBC is playing games again in phone vote shows."

"I'm not convinced it's the collapse of British broadcasting as a few people on here have suggested."

Blimey, that last one was a bit of a surprise, eh? The answers are in the comments section.

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