Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Day Television Musings: All Timings Approximate

Look, if we were at home for the things below, we'd have "live rewound" them. We weren't at home, so couldn't. Which makes this update quite dull and devoid of Topfield screen grabs.

BBC One, 2.29pm. BrokenTV's Dad points out the awfulness of Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris's "Dance Wiv Me", and the family television is tuned to ITV. BrokenTV agrees, marking the first time BrokenTV has agreed with BrokenTV's Dad about pop music since about 1984.

ITV1, 2.51pm. ITV1 broadcasts the part of "Bean" where Mr Bean cheerily waves 'hello' at the hairy biker, only to censor out the bit where the titular Bean receives what Still President Bush recently described as "not using not all five fingers" to wave hello back. Such censorship is all very well in this post-Ross/Brand cultural wasteland you might say, but ITV left the following scenes intact, so the relentlessly cheery icon of Britishness somehow went from good naturedly waving enthusiastic greetings to all of America. to suddenly giving it all The Finger, without any reasoning why this would be the case. Still, it's probably not Christmas Day without ITV managing to bugger it up somehow.

BBC One, 3.09pm. Hurrah for the BBC! They've lined up their best schedule on the 25th of December for a good few years, even with the slightly rubbish Shark's Tale on after the Queen or not. However! If you're basing this schedule largely on the most beloved of all Aardman creations, try not to get the name of the dog wrong in your continuity captions - and it looks even worse if you've been using them in your (wonderful) festive idents all Christmas. "Wallace and Gromitt" indeed! Boh.

BBC One, 6.01pm. BrokenTV's sister reneges on her promise not to talk over Doctor Whom by spending much of the proceding hour going "no, I don't like her", "ooh, is he the new one, then?", and "They should just regenerate William Hartnell". BrokenTV - as the youngest, shuffling in the rickety chair, hurrumphs loudly, to no avail. Merry Festivus, everyone!

BBC One, 8.36pm. "Oh, bugger. We've got home just too late to see Wallace and Gromit from the start."

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Anonymous said...

Didn't Wallace and Gromit start at about 8.36 though? My nephew (for once) didn't need any persuading to turn the Wii off at 8.30 in order to watch it, only to spend the next five minutes or so looking at me with what was clearly a increasing sense of betrayal for making him sit through five minutes of Eastenders. And I'm sure it was BBC1 rather than our timings that were out of sync as the EPG was insisting that it was W&G and not Hateful People Being Miserable that should have been on-screen.

Anonymous said...

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