"It Simply Ain't Right!" "But It's Cheap..."

  • 12/09/2008 12:43:00 am
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Unfashionably late with Monday's update, so this will have to do. We've been listening on and off to a brilliant music compilation made available by the mighty WFMU in New Jersey. It's an American radio station, so what else could it be but...

Charlie Drake, Peter Sellars, Morecambe and Wise, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Kenneth Williams, Sheila Hancock, Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques, Terry-Thomas, Frankie Howerd and June Whitfield, John Inman and loads more. Exceptional stuff, we're sure you'll agree.

Get it here.

The most pertinent parts of it being included here would be the smashing Christmas songs on there, such as Freddy 'Parrot Face' Davies (his stage name, not us being 'clever' again) performing "Give Us A Kiss For Christmas", or a pre-Braben Morecambe and Wise doing "The Happiest Christmas Of All" with a great bit of Eric and Ern banter over the last two minutes of the track. Our favourite however, is a track from 1963, called "Merry Christmas You Suckers", performed by Paddy Roberts. Politeness prevents us linking directly to the MP3, but if you want to leap straight to it, check out track seventeen on the album linked above

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