Adventures Of Two Unconvincingly Fake CGI Snowmen and a One

  • 12/21/2008 11:10:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Our oath to update the blog every day in December was always bound to falter, what with us spending the last three nights at different Christmas shindigs, and the last three mornings nursing fragile heads. Right now, a stomach that feels like a ten car pile up on an icy M62 prevents us from making the 'comeback' post anything too strenuous, so we're pleased to see the nicely-timed final part of Applemask's wonderful look back at festive BBC Christmas idents. This time, with end credits you can actually read! Or at least you would, were they not in a weird font. Nonetheless, splendid stuff, and the three parts together make for an enjoyable way to kill half an hour if you're stuck in bed with a killer hangover and a moderately-charged netbook within grabbing distance.

Interestingly, for the most part we can remember seeing most of the BBC2 idents in the clips, but not many of the BBC1 idents. Oh hang on, not 'interestingly', the other one.

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