Monday, 1 December 2008

Not The Most Auspicious of Starts

But then nine hours of work, four hours of college and three hours of traffic before getting home tend to do that to us. Anyway. With the current faux-outrage over ITV beaming the cock of a naked Blue Square Premier footballer into the nations living rooms and minds*, the tabloids' current obsession with pretending television is shoving society into a bubbling cesspool of, erm, cess continues unabated. But which newspaper likes to get the most frothy, and over which broadcaster does it get the most frothy about?

(*Aside from that, we could help but quite liking ITV Sport's utterly shambolic coverage of the Histon-Leeds match. Commentators falling silent once they realised the song the fans were singing about ITV wasn't very complimentary, meaning the nation could get a better earful of that familiar sea shanty "ITV Are Fucking Shit." The lenses of cameras behind the goals being covered in raindrops. The lense of the camera used for the main action being covered in a barely perceptable sheen of condensation. The camera used for the post-match interviews having a problem with it's horizontal hold. And all simulcast on ITV HD. Brilliant.)


And it tells us absolutely naff all, because stories with the words "sky", "one" and "disgusting" were flagged up as hits for the search on Sky One, a similar thing happening with Channel Four. We were so hoping that would turn out to be more interesting.

Still, it's very late, and we've charted that data now. And, looking on the positive side, it's day one of our update-a-day-a-thon, and we've already got our festive nadir out of the way. So, erm, yay?

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