"And They Have Babyshambles As Their Ringtone"

A bit behind the times, but seriously, how fantastic is Countdown going to be from now on?

Move, over Noel! There's a new king of daytime!


LF Barfe said...

I was not previously aware of his work, being a football agnostic, but those clips bode very well. Marvellous.

Matthew said...

This is offtopic but I was wondering about this hilarious fake-advert http://www.flickr.com/photos/taniwha/413508511/

Did you make it? I'd like to use it on a site that's helping to explain to the NZ government how new forms of restrictions (DRM) can discourage people (much like http://xkcd.com/488/ ). The problem is that I've had feedback from people saying that the "fucking fuck" bit would be a bit offputting to the government. I'd still like to use the image because it's clear and concise, and I never thought I'd be asking something so lame but would it be ok if I put some asterisks over the swearing bits? I'd credit you of course, linking back here. Please email me on cff@ at the domain URL for this comment. Thanks in advance!