Bad News, Future Career!

  • 6/24/2008 10:55:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

Is it just us, or is it a universal truth that every time you need to get something really rather important done on your computer (such as, to pluck an example at random from the ether, doing the final piece of coursework for the academic year for an important one-chance-only career-furthering qualification, two days before the absolute deadline for handing it in, and you're still not sure what the buggering flip you're doing), the internet suddenly and without warning gets 186% better? We've already got a tissue-thin attention span, and even though all that's standing in between us and an entire summer of guilt-free catching up on telly and online GTA IV is a dozen or so hours of research project tedium.

And then, just when we've been able to tear ourselves away from the hours of guilt-packed TV-watching and GTA-IV-playing, sit at our PC and fire up Word, the gods of the internet go and throw this in front of us. All the best ZX Spectrum games, playable through your browser. Much like World Of Spectrum, in fact, except! MySpeccy records your high scores and places you in a global leaderboard.

And so it is, after making the gargantuan effort to avoid watching any telly at all for three days (only to get continuously distracted by all manner of other matters of global import), the chance to become Worldwide King Of Chuckie Egg is thrown into our path. Gah.

In summary: on one shoulder, an impressive addition to a lacklustre Curriculum Vitae. On the other shoulder, the chance to become Worldwide King Of Chuckie Egg. Angel, or devil. Angel. Devil. Angel. Devil. There can only really be one choice, clearly.

Bollocks! Stupid sodding lifts on level three, we always hated them. Oh, just one more go, then.

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