Schedule B: Other Listings Magazines Are Available

  • 6/07/2008 08:29:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

We don't really know why so many people buy TV listings magazines any more. You've got your EPGs, your free internet listings guides (like the Radio Times website), your Series Link to make sure you don't miss your favourite programmes and your DigiGuides. And then your iPlayer, UK Nova, or your Rapidshare if you manage to miss a programme after all that. It's not as if the listings mags are making a special effort to attract you, with 70% of them just bunging Someone Off Corrie/EastEnders/Emmerdale on the cover, and the remaining 30% doing the same but with Doctor Who. Someone really should make the effort to make their listings guide entertaining in itself.

Well, someone has.

The TV Cream chaps, if we're naming names*.

To be honest, we've emitted more genuine chuckles whilst watching the above two clips than we have watching anything on telly over the last week, save for Peep Show. What with that, plus us being made aware of the New Yorker columns by Jack Handey (one of the very few genuine comedy genuises alive today, and probably the only one who would use the word 'genuises' instead of 'genii') , it's no wonder we're feeling the sorry state of television comedy has been thrown into pretty sharp relief lately.

(*Although we'd like to make clear we do prefer the 'standard' TV Creamguide in a text format, as it's reliably entertaining, and we can actually read it at work, where YouTube is blocked, just in case anyone's taking a secret ballot or anything.)

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