Euro 2008: Final Score

  • 6/22/2008 08:43:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

The BBC are spending most of half-time in the Spain-Italy match running a feature where The 14 Year Old Boy Who Seems To Have Won A Blue Peter Competition To Become One Of The Anchors For Euro 2008 visits the locations in Vienna where The Third Man was filmed, marking each of the differences between the film and the original novella.

ITV are still treating us to the thoughts of Andy Townsend at half-time for each of their matches.

Yeah, it's long ceased to be any sort of contest. If this were a boxing match, BBC Sport would be idly prodding the twitching corpse of ITV Sport, which lies in a sickening pool of sweat, spit, blood, hair and teeth, as even the most ardent and bloodthirsty of boxing fans are making for the exits horrified at how long this has been allowed to continue. In the words of Alexei Sayle, that's that sketch knackered then.

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