Wii Fit Owners! Know Your Limit!

  • 6/28/2008 06:35:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

You see, what that dastardly Nintendo don't tell you is this - you might get used to the daily festival of fitness-related fun. You may find yourself amazed at your ability to do headstands with something approaching impunity. You may unlock most of the unlockables. You may - gasp! - lose weight.

But what they won't be telling you is this: you might mistakenly arrive at the conclusion that maybe exercise is a good thing. Maybe sitting on your arse playing GTA Race while listening to On The Go Playlist 2 isn't all you'd thought, and maybe, just maybe with the satisfaction at having shed a few pounds on your Balance Board coursing through your veins, you'll go out and walk, WALK, the three mile round trip to pick up some bread and milk from the local supermarket.

One factor you WON'T account for is that with your recent weight loss, your jeans aren't going to fit you quite as snugly as they once did. Oh sure, they might seem perfectly fine on the twenty yard trip from front door to car, from car park to work, from car to front door. But the 1.5 mile return trip? On foot? Carrying two bags of heavy shopping? With your spare change, mobile phone and iPod weighing down the pockets? Those jeans will be weaving their merry way down your waistline before you can say "oh bloody hell, my jeans are weaving their merry way down my waistline". And all in front of an audience of various motorists making their way along the busy coastal B-road you live by.

Plus, you've just spent £70 on Wii Fit. You can't afford to replace all of your trousers with identical ones that are one size smaller.

Honestly, we had to stop off at a chip shop for the first time in three years to try and combat the 'downward trend' with chips and... erm, we mean you'd have to stop off at a chip shop for the... ah, damn.

But anyway, we're really here to say this: WHY WERE WE NOT INFORMED OF THIS MUSIC VIDEO BEFORE NOW?

(Top tip: If you're making your way back from Somerfield. and your trousers are doing their best to say hello to your ankles whilst a gaggle of gobby teens are walking near you, a good idea is to stop, check a fictional text on your mobile for the time it takes them to pass, then surreptitiously pull up your kecks and carry on your merry way.)

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