Schedule B: Big Brother Update

  • 6/09/2008 10:13:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

We haven't watched it since launch night, as the football and repeats of Family Guy have been enough to keep us entertained when we've not been out in the sun. And it seems we might not be alone. Taking the viewing figures from Media Guardian, Euro 2008 is currently outstripping the viewing figures for Big Brother on all but the launch shows of each.

It's worth noting that the comparative episodes of each weren't transmitted at the same times of day. The first match of Euro 2008 was broadcast on a sunny Saturday afternoon, while the BB launch show was put out on a Thursday night, explaining the better performance there. Also, we'd wager a lot of people were watching Switzerland-Czech Republic at the pub, which isn't taken into account for ratings.

Since then, while ratings are down overall on the previous outings for each, it's the football that's winning out. Will it continue, and will the ratings for the Netherlands-Italy match (the first big game of the tournament) put everything else into perspective? Time, and us failing to have anything more interesting to write about, will tell.

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