Friday, 29 January 2010

BrokenTV’s THTSOT 00s: Slight Return

You remember our “Top 100 TV Shows Of The 00s”? You know, that never ending televisual breakdown that we’re still carrying out, currently scheduled to conclude some time in early November 2019? And how we said that Newswipe With Charlie Brooker was better than Screenwipe? Yeah. Well, it’s things like this that underline that decision:

Proof there, that we’re always right. Apart from when we come up with a list of the hundred greatest TV shows of the previous decade and accidentally forget to put Planet Earth in there. Whoops.


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Simon said...

That's an actual viral hit, isn't it? 270,000 views in 48 hours, current #1 today for favourited and rated, and it's a clip of Charlie Brooker.

Mark X said...

Neither MediaGuardian nor Digital Spy's overnight figure roundups for Tuesday mention BBC Four, but I'd suspect it's a safe bet Newswipe got nowhere near that figure on TV, despite just about every comment on that clip being a positive one. A sign that (a) BBC Four should have spent at least some of the time they'd spent endlessly pimping Mad Men S3 on Newswipe instead, and (b) Newswipe really deserves a same-week repeat on BBC Two.

Simon said...

Brooker said last week he'd rung the BBC publicity department over the lack of advertising and they thought it started later in the year.

Sobering to think, though, that that and the fine pieces on Islam4UK and the anti-butter doctor were pretty much only shown because Haiti precluded much discussion on the week's news.

Mark X said...

Slightly concerning to think that while NBC could plan things out five years in advance for Conan O'Brien moving to The Tonight Show, the BBC promo dept haven't got a frigging clue what's ABOUT TO AIR on one of their channels (as pointed out by Steve W on this week's CreamGuide). While, on one level, it's slightly amusing in a bumbling Monty Python "haven't a clue what you're on about... we'll give you 13 episodes on Sunday nights" level, on another: frigging hell. What with The Late Edition, What's The Problem With Anne Robinson, The 11 O'Clock Show, Gash, Tonightly, News Knight etc etc, we've had so many attempts to ape The Daily Show, when someone finally replicates the ACTUAL point of The Daily Show, it's allowed to sneak out, underpromoted and largely unwatched. If The Huffington Post, over there in the USA, are picking up on the show being worthwhile, why aren't the BBC promotions team?

Derek Williams said...

That Newswipe clip is utterly superb. It really should be given a much bigger push.

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