Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 2010 TrendMining (Day 3)

Nothing much exciting tonight, so here’s a super quick update.

image We’ve chopped out the fat from our charts, we’re only looking at the odds at the start and end of each highlights show. So, At the start of tonight’s show Stephen’s price had dropped all the way down to 11. That means he’d gone from rank second-outsider (on 30) at the start of last night’s show, to fourth favourite tonight. After he spent a lot of tonight’s highlight show going on about The Bible, his odds have started to lengthen again. So far, Heidi seems to be the only one voicing an opinion that she finds him hard to get on with, and Lady Sov seems a little bit unsure of him, so we wonder if he might just find himself up for eviction. Betfair have now opened a market for first eviction, where he’s sitting at 5.8 third favourite to go.

image On to our tip for the top, Lady Sov. Hey, that almost rhymed. Her odds had continued to shorten right up to the start of tonight’s highlights show, after which she’d slipped to 12. We can’t think of anything we did that could be considered objectionable, unless a lot of people are worried about the homophobe vote having an impact on her, after she’d expressed an opinion that she hoped Stephen wasn’t one. Odd for first eviction: 13, 8th favourite.

image No idea what happened between the end of last night’s highlights show and the start of tonight's, but Heidi had dropped to 80 by 10pm this evening. Her still not coming across as badly as everyone seems to want her to helped her odds recover by the end of the programme, but that hasn’t stopped her being 2.62 favourite to be first out of the house.

image Nicola’s price has remained largely consist throughout, though interestingly she’s fourth favourite to be kicked out first, at 6. We can’t really see her being put up for nomination – she seems to have been taking a keen interest in what everyone else has to say, an genuine interest, rather than just cynically trying to win allies.


Stephanie is fast looking like a bit of a banker to do well, her odds continuing to shorten as the series continues. At 17.5 to be kicked out first, there’ll pretty much no chance she’ll be leaving the house any time soon, but in all the time we’ve watched Big Brother (admittedly, that’s less than half of the series run), we don’t think the regular ‘matriarch’ figure has ever won.


Everyone else is pretty much of a muchness. For the record, Katia is second favourite to be first out the door (at 3.55), and Vinnie is favourite to see out the first eviction unscathed (sitting on 29). And… that’s enough spreadsheets for today.



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