Thursday, 21 January 2010

NEW! From NBC and CBS Games!


Click for the full-size version.


Notes: made with the assistance of F4C Design’s DVD Case Template and Trekkie313’s Microphone png at Deviant Art, the Nightmare Hero font, Appledaily Action News’ report on ‘Showdown at NBC’, and too much bloody spare time.


4 .:

Jamie said...

That was quick.

Mark X said...

Never underestimate the powers of someone desperately trying to put off doing something really boring, that they really ought to be doing instead.

Jamie said...

On a sidenote i never watch any of the late night talk shows from the US, find them a bit sycophantic, but i have a soft spot for Conan O'Brian after the skits he did with Colbert and Jon Stewart during the writers strike.

Im sure he and the 20m will struggle on.

Mark X said...

Plus of course, he wrote several classic Simpsons episodes, including the legendary Marge And The Monorail. Additionally, he also wrote material for the US version of Not The Nine O'Clock News.

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