Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 2010 TrendMining (Day 4)

Another quick update after tonight’s Jesus, wanking and phonebox-packed highlights show.

image Jonas Basshunter Altberg’s admissions over his past addiction to self-gratification (no, we’re not making that up) and the impact his Tourette’s Syndrome has had on his life has propelled him past Vinnie into pole position for the “to win” market. Over the course of the day, his odds had fallen to 4.4 (possibly down to newspaper reports of tonight’s show), and they dipped further throughout tonight’s highlights show. Stephanie wasn’t too impressed with his admissions, which might be good news for anyone having backed her in a “Who Would Be The First Housemate The Use The Word ‘Masturbatory’ Sweepstake” at work.

image Stephen’s continued assistance to inflict his beliefs on everyone else (normally preceded by him saying “now, I don’t want to push my beliefs on anyone”), along with the revelation that he’d rather see his son murdered in cold blood than have him tell a white lie about his beliefs in order to save his own life (yes, again, we’re not making this up), saw his odds lengthen yet further after his early recovery. We really suspect he’ll be one of the first up for eviction now, as it seems quite a few of the housemates are starting to tire of him and his ways.

image Meanwhile, Heidi – the first to express unhappiness with Stephen’s persistent deity-bothering – saw her odds almost halve during tonight’s highlight show. A potential dark horse? She certainly hasn’t been doing anything to annoy anyone yet, though she remains favourite to be evicted first.

image Dane Bowers, who incorrectly replied “one” when asked how many solo number one singles he’d had (the answer being “zero”, given his sole chart-topper was a duet with Victoria Beckham, and yes, we do hate ourselves for knowing this), isn’t getting any more popular.


So, who’s likely to be first out of the door? The current Betfair odds for first eviction is as follows:

Heidi Fleiss 3.5
Alex Reid 4.1
Katia Ivanova 4.3
Nicola Tappenden 5.6
Stephen Baldwin 5.6
Lady Sovereign 7.4
Jonas Altberg 8
Sisqo 12
Dane Bowers 21
Stephanie Beacham 21
Vinnie Jones 21
Any Other 25


Not sure who’d be backing “any other” at this stage, but you never know. Right now, we suspect that should she be put up for eviction, Heidi would be voted out, but also that she hasn’t done much to deserve nomination just yet. Alex’s relentless posturing may well have annoyed several housemates, and Katia might get chosen for not being famous enough. Everyone seems to be getting on well enough with Nicola to save her from the public vote, and only a madman would bet on Jonas Basshunter. Our current pick to go: Alex.


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Simon said...

It wasn't even a number one, famously, it was beaten by Spiller and Sophie Ellis-Bextor (of Posh Versus Posh fame, the Bizarre column's own little go at a Blur v Oasis)

Mark X said...

Of course! Phew, I don't know that fact after all. I'm a little relieved, I must admit.

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