Friday, 8 January 2010

Today’s Exciting Combined Top 100 and Celebrity Big Brother Blog Update

No, hang on, not ‘exciting’. ‘Disappointing’, that’s what we meant.

BrokenTV’s THTSOT 00s

Didn’t get time to update this today. Sorry. Probably expect more on Sunday.

Celebrity Big Brother 2010 TrendMining

While this is a lot easier to write, nothing interesting happened on tonight’s show. Ivana Trump entered the house, which means all of Tim “OMFG WUT TEH IRONYS” Westwood’s Tweeting about him being the secret addition to the house was a red herring, and Lady Sov’s odds are still shrinking…

image…which is good news for our prospective £160 (which we could cash in for a guaranteed £15 profit RIGHT NOW, but won’t). Other than that, meh.

So, instead, in amongst all the “get a brilliant loan that will, like, totally save your life APR 2356% We’ll probably end up repossessing your house, telly, car and grandparents just phone this number now!!!” commercials and “cash in all that useless gold now and we’ll give you an absolutely laughably tiny fraction of the actual value of it visit our website now“ commercials on daytime Channel Four (hey, they had a Sean Connery film on), we saw this:

Not a spoof. It’s a real thing. A real, actual thing. Actually advertised on telly. Proper telly, not just on Sky Sports News. The people behind it – and admittedly it’s probably one of those things where it’s piggybacking on an already existing bingo website by way of redirecting hits to (“The URL in that advert, which we’re not directly mentioning here lest we accidentally improve their Google ranking” – Ed) – are expecting to turn a profit off the back of it.

When we saw this, we couldn’t help but feel that we’d wandered into a parallel universe. Why would the involvement of someone whose last major television project – Cheggers Plays Pop – just about remained in the national consciousness around the time our main interest was getting the shiny Liverpool badge for our Football ’85 sticker album, be fronting a project like this? Even if it were, we’d just about understand it, but this? This?

Did we miss a compulsory national meeting? Can we expect to see and appearing on our screens in the next week or so too? Right now, we really can’t rule anything out.



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applemask said...

"last major television project – Cheggers Plays Pop"

Someone's forgotten Naked Jungle.

Mark X said...

It took quite a lot of counselling, but yes, I had forgotten Naked Jungle. Shall I search for it on YouTube... no.

Tanya Jones said...

I wonder what Janice Long thinks?

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