Thursday, 7 January 2010

Celebrity Big Brother 2010 TrendMining (Day 5)

So, Basshunter did something quite nice (refusing to pour sand on another housemate’s bed in order to make Stephanie slightly more comfortable), got punished, and chose Lady Sov to share his punishment. Which turned out to be spending the night in a locked room, containing one bed, and a Basshunter song on an eternal loop.

Lady Sov was – with more than a little justification – a ‘bit’ displeased by this turn of events, not least because Basshunter acted like a smug berk throughout. Presumably he was relishing the thought that one of his singles being played on a loop to about four million viewers might well see him flog a few thousand iTunes downloads of it. But, what has that done to our charts?

image This, for one. His odds lengthened slightly, meaning that his initial noble (if probably calculated) act was more than cancelled out by his cooing “why not join me in bed… I don’t bite!” to a clearly not-interested Lady Sov, who’d chosen to try sleeping in a drawer instead. How did Lady Sov do over the course of tonight’s highlights?

image Her odds shortened from 9.8 to 8.2. If nothing else, it’d be brilliant if her sleeping in a drawer turned out to be a reference to the Seinfeld episode where Kramer takes in some Japanese guests. Unlikely, but brilliant.

Other movements in the betting:

imageThe odds on Heidi winning continue to tumble, with her having fell from 60 to 21 within 25 hours. She’s still favourite to be booted out first, though.

image Alex is getting more unpopular by the day.

image As is Dane.

image And Stephen Baldwin continues to bugger up his early promise, by spending the entirety of the highlights show (and going by the reaction of the other housemates, this isn’t just selective editing on Endemol’s part) boring people about his ‘faith’, yet again. It’s actually making for some skin-crawlingly awkward television. Tonight’s treats included his trotting out of the creationist mantra “if we evolved from apes, why are there still apes?”, which is what creationists like to say in the vain hope no-one will point out all the physical, actual real evidence of evolution. Also, excellently, he proved the bible is empirical fact by telling Alex that non-believers like him only believe in oxygen because some bloke told him it exists, then hoped Alex wouldn’t point out any of  the physical, actual real proof that oxygen does exists, because, like, du-uh. Alex didn’t, by the way, but we’re guessing that was more out of politeness than from having his world view shaken to its very core.


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