Election Night in Screengrabs: Part One

  • 5/06/2010 10:16:00 pm
  • By Mark Gibbings-Jones

[21:55] A quite nice opening title sequence by the BBC, there. ITV News and Sky probably had quite nice title sequences too, and it’s a pity only about 250,000 people combined actually saw them.

image [21:56] A huge studio, a massive screen, and rows upon rows of computers. Remember the days when the computer jockeys were hidden away off camera, behind a massive beige room divider? A different age.

image [22:00] Exit polls revealed, and they suggest the Conservatives just 19 seats short of an overall majority. If (and it’s a big if) that turns out to be accurate, they should probably be able to make enough alliances to sneak into power without giving Nick Clegg the electoral reform the British public deserve. However, in 1997, over a decade of being ruled by an increasingly unpopular government saw a record-breaking landslide for Labour. This time, and with Labour posting less impressive majorities in every election since 1997, one might expect the Conservatives to storm back into power, but that’s clearly not the case. After everything that Labour have messed up over the last five years, the fact the Conservatives are limping forlornly towards a slim overall majority at best really does prove how bad their campaign really has been.

image Oh, and the screen is broken already.

[22:03] Just to show off, the BBC are projecting the latest results not just onto a big screen in the studio, but ONTO BIG BEN ITSELF. (Yeah, no comments informing us that “Big Ben is the bell inside, the clock itself is actually called blah blah blah.)

image Showoffs.

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