Wednesday, 5 May 2010

TV Times Television Quiz Game: The Answers

We hadn’t forgotten. How many did you get right?

What’s that?

You didn’t both answering any of them, because it was all rather pointless, and you can’t imagine why we’d bothered typing in all those questions in the first place?


Well, here are the answers anyway. If nothing else, look them over. They might come in handy next time you’re in a pub quiz.


1. Which song, recorded by Stephanie de Sykes, was a hit after being featured on Crossroad?
- Born with a smile on my face.

2. Name the two families featured in Soap.
- The Tates and the Campbells.

3. Jack Carr has appeared as Tom Merrick in one soap and policeman Tony Cunliffe in another. Name one.
- Emmerdale Farm (Merrick), Coronations Street (Cunliffe).

4. Which of the EastEnders runs the fruit and veg stall in Bridge Street?
- Kathy and Pete Beale.


5. What was the name of the dog in Patrick Cargill’s comedy series Father, Dear Father?
- H G Wells.

6. What do the letters M*A*S*H stand for in the title of the American comedy series?
- Mobile Army Surgical Hospital

7. BBC’s Roots, was based on Alex Haley’s best-selling novel. What was the ITV series about?
- A comedy about a dentist.

8. Who played a title role in the 1971 situation comedy Lollipop Loves Mr. Mole?
- Peggy Mount was Lollipop, Hugh Lloyd was Mr. Mole.


9. What was the name of the spaceship in Lost in Space?
- Jupiter 2.

10. Who, in Upstairs, Downstairs shot himself after being ruined by the Wall Street Crash?
- James Bellamy

11. What character did Jack Webb play in Dragnet?
- Det. Sgt. Joe Friday.

12. The theme from which mid-Fifties adventure series was the first ITV signature tune to make the pop charts?
- Robin Hood.


13. Name the dance group Arlene Phillips is best known for choreographing?
- Hot Gossip

14. Name the television astrologer who released a record with the title No Matter What Sign You Are?
- Breakfast Time’s Russell Grant in 1983.

15. What was the name of the Sunday Night at the London Palladium theme tune?
- Startime.

16. The host of which game show also starred in Much and Brass?
- Jim Bowen of Bullseye, who played Charles Sprowl.


17. The disappearance of what book started a police investigation in 1984?
- The log-book from HMS Conqueror.

18. Name two of the SDP’s ‘The Gang of Four’.
- David Owen, Shirley Williams, William Rogers, Roy Jenkins.

19. Which British politician is father-in-law to A Week in Politics presenter Peter Jay?
- Former prime minister James Callaghan.

20. In which year and month did was the first live transmission of a House of Lords debate?
- January, 1985.


21. Which football expert ‘transferred’ from ITV to BBC in 1973?
- Jimmy Hill

22. Who crashed out of the Olympics when she collided with Britain’s Zola Budd?
- Mary Decker in the 3000 metres in Los Angeles.

23. Who was the first black winner of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year?
- Daley Thompson in 1982.

24. Which sport was specially created for television in 1966?
- Rallycross.


25. Which British actor-composer-writer-director had a cameo role in The Italian Job?
- Noel Coward [it wasn’t a cameo! Is was a major role!- Ed]

26. Which American actress was the butt of Groucho Marx’s jokes in the Marx Brothers movies?
- Margaret Dumont.

27. Which British film actress is the mother of former Magpie presenter Jenny Hanley?
- Dinah Sheridan, who starred in Genevieve with Kenneth More.

28. What do the films The Odessa File and The Dogs of War have in common?
- Frederick Forsyth wrote the original novels.


29. Name the young character in Bird’s Eye commercials who had a girlfriend called Mary.
- Ben.

30. His voice announced the line-up and prizes on Celebrity Squares. Who is he?
- Kenny Everett.

31. Name one of the losing semi-finalists in the 1974 World Cup finals, played in West Germany.
- Poland or Brazil.

32. Who is the actor behind the ‘sch… you know who’ ads for Schweppes drinks?
- William Franklyn.

33. For which teabags does Roy Hudd extol the virtues of ‘Me little perforations’?
- Lyons Quick Brew.

34. What was the subject of the film series The Boat, first shown on British TV in 1984?
- A World War Two submarine mission.

35. Which comedian performed for 30 years under the name Billy Breen?
- Larry Grayson.


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Chris Brown said...

I think I got about 2. And one of those was 'No Matter What Sign You Are', which was only because I saw it in a charity shop once.

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