Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election Night in Screengrabs: Part Two

[23:32] Interesting times at the BBC, with Peter Mandelson being told off for “Tweeting” by Paxo, in the manner of a schoolmaster spotting one of his unruly charges chewing some Wrigleys during a double period of history.

PAXO: “Are you Twittering?”

MANDY, GESTURING TO THE ITEM IN HIS HAND: “No, these are my glasses.”

PAXO: “You’ve got it in your pocket!”

image[23:36] Meanwhile, over in ITV1, Ken Clarke is looking increasingly like a Gerald Scarfe caricature of himself.  Note that their on-screen clutter seems to be at a near minimum.

image[23:37] A quick visit to CNN (probably the only one of the night, as the Freeview box we can take screencaps from only carries CNN until midnight, at which point it becomes “The Jewellry Channel”. Yeah, fuck you, current affairs! Anyway, on CNN, that annoyingly ‘wacky eccentric Brit’ reporter of theirs is talking to an Electoral Committee representative about how stupid it is that people in what is supposed to be a model democracy can’t actually vote once the turnout gets relatively high. Entertainingly, this leads to him tussling with an anti-war demonstrator who keeps trying to get his placard into shot.

 image Much to the amusement of his interviewee.



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