Thursday, 6 May 2010

In Unabashed Two-Facedness We Trust: It Must Be Election Day

It’s May the 6th, the day of the UK General Election, and The Sun are up to their usual tricks, shamefully appropriating Shepard Fairey’s iconic Barack Obama “Hope” Poster for their own needs, handily ignoring the fact it was another News International outlet that told so many desperate smears, half-truths and outright lies to try and prevent Barack Obama getting elected. 


Utterly disgraceful. But then, it’s The Sun, a newspaper which this week has been so desperate as to invent a campaign along the lines of “if Labour get in, they’ll have YOUR page three stunnas in berkas before you can say ‘aw, where the tits gone?’”, never mind the fact Labour haven’t made any such noises throughout the thirteen years they’ve been in power. After that, this front page probably shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

imageEarlier tonight, we quickly knocked up a ‘corrected’ version of that front page and put it on Twitpic, which quite a few likeminded Tweeps passed around Twitter. We’ve since had a spare twenty minutes and a higher-resolution scan of the original to work from, so here’s a slightly updated version of our corrected front page. Again, not tremendously crafted, but hey, it’s late.

imageClick the image for a much higher quality version (not that the message it contains becomes any wittier, you understand. It’s a bigger jpeg).

Feel free to print it out and wave it in the faces of anyone gullible enough to fall for The Sun’s special brand of horsecrap. Oh, and then go out and vote for whoever you damn well please.


(Want to do your own, probably much funnier versions of that page? Here’s a blank template of that front page, just aching to be messed with.)


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