Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Forthcoming Live Election Night Blog Announcement That Looks Like Some Football Stickers


Be there or thereabouts. Expect graphs. At at least three jokes.

EXCITING FACT: Gordon Brown, in his battle bus, actually drove past the BrokenTV offices about one hour ago. If, as he drove past us, we’d stood by the window and flicked some Vs, that would have been about twice as sophisticated as the weak satirical swipes we’ll probably be taking on Thursday night.

It’ll still be better than Facejacker’s “Election Special”, though.


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Trebus Fotherin-Gay said...

Haha! Can't wait! Suck it Thatcher!

I mean John.. Foot? The one with the hat. No. The hairy one.

Which one died.

No, not him.. the other one.

Yeah. Suck it!

Applemask said...

Two things bother me: that Cameron holds the initiatve, and that the BBC might not use "Myths and Legends of King Arthur".

Mark X said...

Sorry Applemask, you're going to be disappointed on at least one of those scores. The BBC have put their election coverage title sequence online: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/theeditors/2010/05/election_2010_on_bbc_tv_news.html


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