Friday, 7 May 2010

Possibly the last update of the night

Well, it’s past 3am, and it really does look like we’re a long way from a clear result actually happening. And, going by the latest pictures on the BBC, we’re not even going to get the enthralling spectacle of (a) a fleet of tinted-windowed Sports Utility Vehicles circling around the PM’s plane (ostensibly due to security concerns, but we suspect more because it all looks a bit 24-ish), as we saw in the 2005 General Election with Tony Blair…

imageand (b) the sight of Jeremy Paxman trying his very hardest to annoy George “carpetbagger” Galloway at 5am.

It’s not all bad. We’re reliably informed that while Jon Culshaw actually IS on Andrew Neil’s Big Showbiz Boat, it’s only the unfortunate viewers of BBC NI who have had to put up with him so far. So, you know, things could be worse.

While we might yet find something else worth commenting on (ITV are still doing their rather pointless “Who’s In/Out” thing, even though there aren’t any actual surprises so far), it’s probably fair to say that anything else we’ve got to say can be said through the BrokenTV Twitter account, and that most of you have gone to bed already anyway.


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