Friday, 7 May 2010

New Low For BBC One’s Election Coverage

They've now resorted to Jeremy Vine taking us on a guided tour of his Second Life house, along with the funny LOL animal pictures he uses to decorate it.

image (By which we mean, it’s actually us who are rapidly running out of ideas.)


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Another great Electoral Night contribution! said...

Invigorate the diaphragm and keep going, Brokes. We love you.


Well, I always preferred Bother's Bar's political coverage with 3D6 + wobbly French VHS.

Mark X said...

Also: aw, that led me to believe that Bother's Bar was also doing a live election night blog. Mind you, I can completely understand why he isn't.

Another great Election Night contribution! said...

Tragically, I just lifted the name from your recommended links, though we can certainly shame the 's Bar when he discovers this idly in his underpants in 2012. COME ON, 'S BAR ELECTION NIGHT POSTS SEVERAL YEARS AGO, ETC.

Mark X said...

Pft. For the record, Bother's Bar is a splendid website well worth a look or five. Doubly so when he puts up YouTube clips of the "Gameshow Segments" from The Micallef P(r)ogram(me).

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