Saturday, 22 May 2010

Why Did We Never Get A Flashback Episode For Vincent The Labrador?

First update for a while (hey, the weather’s been really nice lately), so we’d better get something together to prove we’re still alive.

In one of the most thrilling scheduling moves in the history of television, Sky One are showing the two-and-a-half-hour series finale of the majestic Lost at the exact same time as ABC in the (west coast of the) USA, at 5am on Monday morning. Thrilling news, assuming no content-related cuts are made because most of it will technically be broadcast in a pre-watershed slot. We’re seriously tempted to get up early to watch it go out ‘as live’, though it’s much likelier The Snooze Monster will convince us that sleeping to a more reasonable hour and just watching a recording when we can will be more sensible.

If nothing else, it’ll be interesting to see just how many people will be watching at that hour. If a decent proportion of Lost’s regular million or so Sky One viewers tune in, hopefully this kind of thing will become commonplace, and we won’t have to avoid all US websites for several days each time a big drama series finishes in the USA. At least in the days when everyone had to wait about six months for big US shows to reach the UK, you had enough time to forget the annoying details you’d inadvertently picked up. Indeed, there’s a very, very slim chance the viewing figures could even go up, what it being the big finale, and there being less of a reason than ever for Lost fans with access to Sky One to download the episode instead.

Anyway, the impending finale is sending the whole internet a tremble with anticipation. Well, some of it. Mainly the bits of it populated by people who ought to get out more, such as us. Here’s our favourite finds so far. We’ll keep our comments here spoiler free, but the links themselves may contain spoilers aplenty. If you haven’t seen the penultimate episode of Lost yet, be wary. Oh, and don’t worry, we’re not including the dreadfully unfunny “LostLOL”

LOVED AND LOST (The National Post)

image A superb interactive infographic, taking into account all the characters from each season, and pointing out what happened to them, and (in most cases) how they died. Our prediction: at least one person who everyone presumes is dead, won’t be. Oh, and if the big finale begins by introducing an entirely new character who turns out to be hugely important, we’ll be throwing a shoe at the television. We hate it when they do that.

LOST Re-enacted by Cats in One Minute (YouTube)

If you prefer a slightly less geeky way to reacquaint yourself with the main Lostees, this video from is a much quicker way to do so. Easily preferable to getting up at 4.30am to watch Sky One’s summary of the series thus far, not least because that’s presented by Iain sodding Lee.

DHARMA Station Posters (

image These look absolutely gorgeous, and we’d be tempted to pay for art prints of them if they ever got produced and we hadn’t spent all our money on cake. A full Flickr set of Hanso Foundation-branded posters, each dedicated to one of the Dharma stations from the series. So nice, it’s pretty damn tempting to download the largest quality jpeg of each, print them out on sheets of photo paper, and have them framed. According to Websitesarelovely’s blog, there should be iPhone wallpapers of each poster available from JetPac Magazine any day now.

The Losties (Springfield Punx)

imageFrom the reliably lovely art blog Springfield Punx, the Lost cast are given the full faux-Groening treatment. Available in a full desktop wallpaper resolution.

Lost Finale Ecards (Some Ecards)

image The end of the series treated in much the way you would expect from Someecards. They cock the shit out of that particular snook, as they so entertainingly tend to do with popular culture.

Lost Cheat Sheet (MovieViral)

image Want to make sure you’re remembering every last bit of plot from the previous six seasons? Well, as shown here by somebody with a disturbingly hairy wrist, there’s nothing wrong with jotting down a few key factnuggets onto your hand.

Excellent (And Some Less Than Excellent) LOST Fan Art Merchandise (

imageWe’re a sucker for T-shirts that make people fleetingly think we’re more interesting than we actually are, so this is an interesting thing for us. A site started by comedian Paul Scheer as a place for the best Lost fan art, DamonCaltonAnd(etc) now sells prints and T-shirts containing references that about 90% of the people you know won’t understand. Squares. As you might expect from people making these things (at least partly) out of love for the show rather than a quick buck, the majority of offerings are really rather good. Though we’re not quite sure who on earth would want to buy a T-shirt of DriveShaft, considering DriveShaft were probably the most embarrassingly bad thing in the entire series. Yes, even worse than when an Army Recruiting Office in “London” contained a prominently displayed poster with the word “HONOR” (sic) in big letters on it.


Foggy Memories of LOST (Flickr)

imageCartoonist Graham Annable has come up with some adorable cartoons of key moments from the series.

LOST Final Season Posters (Jonnyevesonposters)

image A series of gorgeous lo-fi poster designs for the final series, along with similar posters for the current series of Doctor Who, Portal, and lots of other stuff too.

Lots And Lots More Lost Stuff (FlashSideways)

imageA metric ton of interesting Lost curios can be found at And, we suspect as the last ever episode of Lost creeps ever closer, on an increasing amount of the web in general. Please be at least as good as the final episode of Ashes To Ashes, Lost.




Smartarsed but occasionally great webcomic Gunshow has their own take on the Lost finale. (Thanks to Applemask for pointing it out)


Meanwhile, everyone has probably already seen these two YouTube videos featuring Jacob and The Man In Black, but they’re worth putting up just in case you haven’t. The first from Jimmy Kimmel Live (who presumably is really looking forward to taking all the attention away from Leno and Letterman for the first time in, well, ever with his post-finale ABC special…


Secondly, the 18th of May edition of Entertainment Weekly’s “Totally Lost”, again with the mythical siblings.


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Applemask said...

Don't forget KC Green.

richardgaywood said...

Re: Vincent's flashback -- a theory for you: Vincent died in the crash. Every time we saw the dog, it was the Man in Black doing his being-a-dead-person thing. It certainly explains his Lassie-ish levels of helpfulness and why he kept running from and then vanishing into the jungle.

richardgaywood said...

Oh, and don't buy Sky's hype either. The Lost finale starts at 9pm Eastern time, which is 2am our time; so this is actually three hours behind the US broadcast. It's not a simulcast. It'll all be over in the States before it even starts on Sky.

Mark X said...

Yeah, I'd just realised that myself, and updated the post accordingly. It is being simulcast with the US west coast feed.

trendthrift said...

Ooh, some of those Jonny Eveson posters are lovely.

Nice to see Sky make some effort to reward the die-hard fans with the scheduling of the finale. It'd be lovely to think that they'd do the same for other big US shows as you suggest -- but I can't see them giving something like House the same treatment.

richardgaywood said...

My understanding was that the motivation to do this didn't come from Sky asking to air at 5am so much as ABC offering the broadcasters simulcasting in an effort to curb online piracy. A number of other countries across the world participated.

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